About Us

Bell Harmonics is a company which produces bespoke music tracks for media, whether they are corporate videos, short films, games or advertisements.

The proprietor Phillip Bell, is a classically trained pianist, composer and performer, with a BA (Hons) in Music for media. He specialises in orchestral, urban and electronic music, and has a dedicated team of skilled musicians who can do more niche compositions, where required.

As well as traditional instruments, we use digital audio workstations to produce, mix, and master, making us highly adaptable to create music in a wide variety of styles.

Having previously collaborated with brands such as VANS, AVON, and BMW, we work closely with our clients, and understand the vital relationship between music and picture, to bring your media to life.

Based in London and surrounds, we are pretty much available anywhere – using Skype or equivalent, but within the M25 area, chances are we can come and see you.

My Themes, Tracks and Melodies


To listen to a more comprehensive selection of music, check out my sound cloud


Latest News

These are the newest projects for Bell Harmonic

Demonstration Videos

Phillip Bell has been commissioned to write all music for GD&D, a world leading software house in the legal market, who are preparing demo videos to teach users how configure their software.

Music on Hold

Phillip Bell is being asked to tender for a contract to supply a range of “Music on Hold” for a traditional PBX manufacturer.

Cosmetics Advertisement

The Avon project was to write original music in the style of previous commercials.  The commercials were already produced and the challenge of course, was to perfectly match the music with the visuals.

Terms and Conditions

All projects are quoted on the national number of man-days of work. Bell Harmonics asks for a non-refundable 10% deposit which is used as a rejection fee should the project not proceed for any reason. The music is licensed to the user and remains the property of Bell Harmonics unless a buy-out fee is agreed between Bell Harmonics and its customer. Full terms and conditions are available on request.

Get in Touch

Proprietor: Phillip Bell, Bell House, 956 Eastern Avenue, Newbury Park, Ilford, Essex  IG2 7JD
T: +44 (0)7904 841639 E: phillip@bellharmonics.co.uk