About Us

Bell Harmonics is a company which produces bespoke music tracks for media, whether they are corporate videos, short films, games or advertisements.

The proprietor Phillip Bell, is a classically trained pianist, composer and performer, with a BA (Hons) in Music for media. He specialises in orchestral, urban and electronic music, and has a dedicated team of skilled musicians who can do more niche compositions, where required.

As well as traditional instruments, we use digital audio workstations to produce, mix, and master, making us highly adaptable to create music in a wide variety of styles.

Having previously collaborated with brands such as VANS, AVON, and BMW, we work closely with our clients, and understand the vital relationship between music and picture, to bring your media to life.

Based in London and surrounds, we are pretty much available anywhere – using Skype or equivalent, but within the M25 area, chances are we can come and see you.

My Themes, Tracks and Melodies


To listen to a more comprehensive selection of music, check out my sound cloud


Latest News

These are the newest projects for Bell Harmonic

Demonstration Videos

Phillip Bell has been commissioned to write all music for GD&D, a world leading software house in the legal market, who are preparing demo videos to teach users how configure their software.

Music on Hold

Phillip Bell is being asked to tender for a contract to supply a range of “Music on Hold” for a traditional PBX manufacturer.

Cosmetics Advertisement

The Avon project was to write original music in the style of previous commercials.  The commercials were already produced and the challenge of course, was to perfectly match the music with the visuals.

Recent Work

Here is some of my recent work


Phillip was commissioned to compose the music for a Vans Middle East online advert, after the client was unable to use their original track due to copyright issues. They asked him to write a bespoke piece to the original video, with a distinct middle eastern feel. Sticking to the brief, he matched the audio to picture perfectly, whilst adding his own urban flare to the track.


Delicate tremolo strings, to rumbling sub basses… Phillip combines his orchestral and production expertise, to produce a deeply immersive and cinematic sound track, for the online Basketble.com advert. Following the story of three basketball players, he constantly adapts the music throughout, changing the moods and emotions, showcasing his musical agility.
Headphones highly advised!


Phillip was asked to compose the music for Avons online mascara advert. His brief was to make the music sound similar to their existing adverts, thus creating musical uniformity. After analysing Avons style, Phillip chose a specific modern pop palette to compose in. When writing the score he made sure that the music was upbeat, and supported the text and sales message of the video, making sure not impose on the key message too heavily.


This is one of two Avon adverts Phillip was asked to compose the music for. In this advert he kept to a similar style and palette for continuity. Having already been given the picture to compose over, Phillip spotted the video for key musical cues, such as the point when the woman opens the mascara, as well as the motion graphics arrow, describing the lengthening features of the product. With these, he was able to emphasise those moments with his music, helping to push the product further.

BMW Park Lane

With the release of BMW’s brand new X2 model, Phillip was asked to compose the music to a short online demo for BMW Park Lane. In keeping with the modern, innovative and fun nature of this product brand, Phillip used synthesised waves and melodies with a strong beat, which immediately captures the audiences attention, and keeps it there.


Phillip was asked by Ghost Digital to compose the internal promo music for the leading global law firm Dentons. From start to finish, Phillip worked closely with Ghost Digital to produce an employee focused video, with the key message of unity within the company. One of the specific compositional requests on the brief, was to create a distinct jingle at the end of the video. This was created using a string symphony.

Ford Fiesta ST

This is one of Phillip’s personal projects, where he collaborated with videographer Declan Dawkins to create a promo video for the Ford Fiesta ST. Phillip composed an instrumental in the hip hop/trap genre, typical of the car films and videos of today.
He uses deep 808 bass’, synths and hi-hat rolls to create a distinctive urban beat.

Kream Developments – Youtube

Phillip was asked to compose the music for Kream Developments car customisers, to be used in their supercar cruise youtube video. The video gives a snapshot insight into the London supercar community on a meet up day. From the initial meet up location, then onto the cruise into London. Phillip chose to create a laid back urban instrumental, using deep bass and swung synths, with an EQ sweep in the middle to bring out the piano solo.

Royal Collection Trust

Composing a piece of music to showcase an event at Windsor Castle, is an example of the extensive range of work Phillip is able to create. The brief he was given was that of a regal nature, and he achieved this by using a classical palette of instruments, creating a symphony, with the marimba at the forefront of the piece. You can listen to the full version in ‘My themes, Tracks and Melodies’.

Lucid Looks

Phillip was asked to create a modern and edgy track, for the media company Lucid Looks’ showreel. The showreel contained a broad selection of footage which was edited to the music. A mixture of a driving synth baseline, and acoustic percussive rhythms were used to reflect the diverse nature of the showreel content.

Beaten By Words

Phillip was approached to compose the music for a Greek inspired film, Beaten By Words. The film follows the rocky relationship between a son and his Greek father. After working closely with the director, Phillip used traditional Greek instruments such as the Bouzouki, to really enhance the films authentic feel.

University Showreel

Having proven his compositional abilities, Phillip was asked by his University to compose the soundtrack for their official showreel. This was one of his first professional works and is still being used today. He worked closely with the editor to combine the various student footage and sound, seamlessly with his music.

Terms and Conditions

All projects are quoted on the national number of man-days of work. Bell Harmonics asks for a non-refundable 10% deposit which is used as a rejection fee should the project not proceed for any reason. The music is licensed to the user and remains the property of Bell Harmonics unless a buy-out fee is agreed between Bell Harmonics and its customer. Full terms and conditions are available on request.

Get in Touch

Proprietor: Phillip Bell, Bell House, 956 Eastern Avenue, Newbury Park, Ilford, Essex  IG2 7JD
T: +44 (0)7904 841639 E: phillip@bellharmonics.co.uk